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Sol's Garden

In-Home Nursery, Preschool, and Kindergarten
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Sol’s Garden is a In-Home School in Eugene, OR.  As a Waldorf-based school, we offer early education and care to infants, preschool and kindergarten-aged children. A learning environment that is inclusive of a wide range of ages teaches children how to be an integral part of a community, to work together and to care for one another. 

Rooted in the Waldorf classroom model, the days of the week will follow a soothing rhythm. Guided by consistency and predictability, this rhythm allows children to feel safe and to carry an inner security as they venture into learning and understanding the world. Learning experiences are designed to unfold in a supportive environment that encourages children to grow their bodies through play, to be with and care for nature, and to create art that arises from what is already within them. The curriculum and program content will be aligned with Waldorf principles.

About the Owner & Teacher


Miss Timber Lynn Ogden is a mother of three young children. Her experiences through the pregnancy and birth of her first child prompted her to pursue training and education to become a teacher.  Her path has lead her to the awareness that childhood is sacred, and she believes that our highest responsibility to our children is to guard their nature and the innate sense of knowing that they are born with.  We can protect children from an environment of overstimulation and help ensure that their sense of who they are is never lost.  In doing so, we encourage them to lead happy, healthy lives.

After earning her bachelor's degree in Education at the University of Oregon, Timber went on to complete the Waldorf teacher training at the Eugene Waldorf School. She decided to specialize in early childhood education, and to open an in-home school so that she can teach and be with her own young children, as well as welcome children of local families who are seeking a nurturing school in which their children will thrive.    
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