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Sol's Garden

In-Home School for Gifted Children

At Sol’s Garden In Home School we believe in enriching our planet by raising and educating children with the knowledge and understanding that we are all connected. As humans, as elemental forces, and energetic beings. We see the world unfolding before us now, it is our purpose and mission to hold and expand a safe, nurturing, and loving space for any body that walks through our doors.


We know the importance of being pro life in all aspects, including the right to create a safe space for a child to express themselves.


We at Sol's Garden are a Home-Based School & trust that we are a household of Healers. Our Creator of the school has been on a self-discovery journey herself, seeking what more there is to life and how to gift the knowledge to our children, and now their families too.

 We provide secure boundaries and an advance level on wisdom of ancient medicine. We created this school to teach that life is sacred, intentional, & fun!  We provide parents the ability to relax & know that their children are being met exactly where they need to be met while they are apart. Ensuring that parents can send their children to our program and have the confidence that values, morals and teaching of a universal truth will be expressed. 

What Makes Us Different?!

We are the only private school program in our surrounding areas that provides the elite communication skills, human advocacy for children and families. We ensure every child has an equal opportunity to express themselves freely and safely under our care.

Our teachers specialize in GUT and emotional health! Emotional health is correlated to our gut health. Healthy gut equals a healthy emotional balance.

Nourishing food is of high priority to us. We ensure that the snacks and lunches we provide are of best quality. Our menu is organic, using whole foods, and local high quality ingredients. The children participate in the preparation of meals/snacks. Meals and snacks are served daily and included in your tuition. They are arranged in a weekly rhythm. We eat an abundance of bone broth, legumes, fruits and vegetables, herbs, teas, nuts, seeds, and nourishing animal products. Please let us know if your child has any special dietary restrictions.

About the Owner & Teacher

Miss Timber is a mother of 3 children. Her experiences through the pregnancy and birth of her first child prompted her to pursue education to become a teacher. Her own healing path has led her to the awareness that childhood is sacred, and she believes that our highest responsibility to our children is to guard their nature and their innate sense of knowing. She now offers intuitive healing practices to the local community to bridge the gap between the body and spirit.

After earning her bachelor's degree in Elementary Education at the University of Oregon, Timber went on to complete the Waldorf teacher training at the Eugene Waldorf School. After specializing in early childhood education, she opened an in-home school so that she can teach and be with her own young children. She welcomes local families who are seeking a nurturing school in which their children will thrive.    

Miss Timber now has a health coaching degree from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Love Light Medicine is a new healing practice that she has envisioned from all she has learned on her healing journey. 

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