School Calendar 2022-2023 Weather related school closures and holiday school closures will follow the 4j school district. Sol’s Garden will notify families by email of any closures. With a positive case of Covid-19 our program will be closed for 5-10 days. With a Covid-19 exposure negative test results will be required in order for the child to return to school. There are no tuition discounts or reimbursements for this unexpected school closure.

Winter Term

January 5th Classes Resume

Jan17th Closed for MLK Presidents’ Day

Spring Break March 21-24th

Memorial Day (last Monday in May)

June 23rd Last Day of Spring Term

July 11th Summer Term Starts

July 29th No School Day

August 2nd No School Day

August 25th Last Day of Summer Term

September 12th Fall Term Starts

November 24 & 25th Closed for Thanksgiving

Dec 16th Last Day of Fall Term

Winter Break