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Consistent Rhythm
How we enable children to meet the challenges of their future with resiliency,
creativity, social sensitivity, and moral courage.
Young children are carried by the rhythms in their world, from breathing, waking
and sleeping of their bodies, to the yearly cycles of the seasons, moon, and stars.
Children thrive when their daily activities are arranged to reflect the natural order of
life. The Waldorf approach emphasizes a strong sense of rhythm within the daily
and weekly activities as well as the larger seasonal cycles and celebrations. The
rhythm of the daily activities reflects the expansion and contraction of breathing.
The weekly rhythm is established through practical and artistic activities such as,
painting, baking, sewing, drawing, woodwork, cooking, and gardening. Our circles,
stories, and festivals keep us aligned with the seasonal rhythms. It is helpful when
children experience this sense of breathing and rhythm in their homes as well.
Regular mealtimes, bedtimes, and weekly activities create a sense of security for a
growing child. As difficult as this can be in our fast paced times, we strongly
encourage you to establish a regular home rhythm. Most importantly, you support
our work as caregivers by ensuring that your child arrives at school well rested and
nourished. We are happy to offer resources and ideas establishing a healthy home
rhythm, please ask if needed!

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