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* My 3yr old daughter has been going to Sol's  Garden for a year now and she absolutely  loves this preschool. We have tumbled back  and forth with COVID restrictions and Sol's  Garden has always kept her safety a priority.  She feels loved, supported and cared for here  and is always bringing home positive experiences. Highly recommended - thank you Sol's  Garden!  

* My son has been attending Sol’s Garden  school for a little over a year. He started  school as a shy boy who was not willing to  participate much, but has come out of his  shell so much since starting school. He’s  learned to play and engage with other kids,  participate in activities, help out with  responsibilities, as well as grow in confidence  and curiosity. I give so much credit and  gratitude to the teachers at Sol’s Garden for  their wonderful abilities that have helped my  son learn, grow, and develop in ways that I  was struggling to figure out how to give him. I  fully plan on sending each of my younger  children to the school so they receive the  same exemplary environment and support  that my son has. 

*Highly recommend this gentle and nurturing  school. Every child is treated as family and  guided with song and joy every day. The day  
flows with in-breath and out-breath activities.  Children are encouraged to use their imaginations and to use their hands in skillful and  helpful ways. I always feel the kindness and  love that my child brings home with her at the  end of the school day.

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